For Educators

Lesson Plans that educate grade school children the importance of water conservation.

lesson plans

The Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County has developed stormwater-related curriculums for elementary through high school grade levels to assist teachers in providing instruction on current water quality issues of concern within Monroe County and the Rochester Embayment. View Water Quality Curriculum.

The Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County, through educators from the Rochester Museum & Science Center, provides water quality demonstrations as part of its Watershed Public Outreach Program. In these presentations, your students will have fun learning about how to help protect our watershed. The participants rotate through three stations.

Enviroscape Demonstration: In this interactive demonstration, a tabletop model of a watershed is used to show how water runoff from land surfaces affects our watershed by making its way via storm drains and the storm sewer system into nearby tributaries, streams, ponds, and ground water, and impact local major bodies of water, including Lake Ontario.

Macroinvertabrates Activity: Participants discover the quality of two "streams" by determining which macroinvertabrates are thriving or not thriving in local waterbodies.

Schools and groups are also encouraged to become involved in local watershed issues through field activities such as watershed cleanups, storm drain marking, or planting trees and shrubs. These programs can be conducted on campus or in local neighborhoods.

Additional educational resources for grade school teachers in Monroe County.