Rain barrels help to reduce storm water runoff and prevent the pollution of Lake Ontario.

Rain Barrel

Attend a rain barrel workshop. Rain barrel workshops are typically held in the spring and early summer throughout Monroe County, NY through the Rochester Museum & Science Center, local libraries, and municipal parks and recreation departments. During these one hour workshops, attendees will learn about rain barrels, their benefits and things they can do around their homes to help local water quality. They will make and take home their own 55 gallon rain barrel. Click here for Current Workshops.

Improving Water Quality

Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff to storm drains by collecting and storing rainwater from your home's rooftop. During drier weather conditions this stored water can be used to water lawn or decorative garden areas, and infiltrate into the ground. Using rain barrels keeps sediments and other pollutants out of the storm sewer and allows them to be treated by the vegetation and microbes within the soil. A ½ inch rainfall on a typical 1,000 sq.ft home's roof produces about 300 gallons of water, or almost four bathtubs full. They also reduce the use of portable water and lower your water bill.

Free Rain Barrel Workshops

Learn everything you need to know about creating a rain barrel for your home Upcoming free classes

Planting a rain garden can help prevent pollution of Lake Ontario by reducing storm water runoff.

Rain Garden

Native plants that are attractive and adapted to highly variable amounts of water are a popular choice for rain gardens. Once established, a rain garden is very easy to maintain requiring only occasional weeding comparable to any other landscape feature. Rain gardens can be planted in full sun or shade, just be sure to select plants that do well in the conditions near your house.

Benefits of Rain Gardens

Rain gardens absorb rooftop water and prevent it from going into the storm drain where it becomes polluted and contributes to flooding. When rainwater and snowmelt soak into the ground the soil, and plant roots clean the water by filtering and absorbing the pollutants. Rain gardens are easy to maintain and have the same amount of maintenance as any other garden. Rain gardens create habitat for wildlife and are an attractive enhancement to any property.

Free Rain Garden Workshops

Learn everything you need to know about creating a rain garden in your own yard. Upcoming free classes

Host a Rain Garden Party

The Stormwater Coalition sponsors free rain garden workshops for interested groups, if you have a group interested in hosting a rain garden class click here.