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Clean up After Scoop

Larry the H2O Hero always pick up after his dog Scoop to prevent pollution.

While out on a walk with Scoop, Larry always makes sure to clean up any waste that may find its way into the watershed.

Disposing Hazardous Chemicals Properly

Larry the H2O Hero disposing of chemicals properly in his truck.

Larry’s cleaning out half-used cans of paint, cleaners, and chemicals lying around his garage with the help of the Household Hazardous Waste disposal program.

Other Activities


Comic Book

H2O Hero Theme Song

Song-a-long with Larry the H2O Hero theme song.

Sing along with Larry the H2O Hero.

Read Larry the H2O Hero’s first comic book.

Read H2O Hero's first comic book.

Help Larry the H2O Hero in a maze game.


Help H2O Hero get from the storm drain to the beach!