Protect Our Wildlife

Sturgeon at native to Lake Ontario and depend on a clean eco system.

The Rochester Embayment Remedial Action Plan addresses environmental concerns (called Beneficial Use Impairments or BUIs) common to many of the areas around the Great Lakes.

For a complete description of BUIs related to the Rochester Embayment Area of Concern, view the Stage I and Stage II RAP documents.

Government and industry have made major investments in infrastructure and programs designed to restore water resources. For more information about these efforts click here.

Beneficial Use Impairments

A number of the BUIs relate to supporting healthy fish, wildlife populations and how we use our water resources within the Rochester Embayment.

  • Reducing fish and wildlife populations

  • Loss of fish and wildlife habitat

  • Degraded food sources for fish and wildlife

  • Safe fish consumption

  • Enjoying the beach

  • Impacts of excessive algae