Larry the H20 Hero

Who is Larry the H2O Hero

Larry the H2O Hero works to bring awareness to water quality issues in Monroe County.

In 2007, the Water Education Collaborative (WEC) set out to develop an awareness campaign that would educate the residents of the Genesee Regional Watershed of Lake Ontario about the enormous impact they can have on the water quality in our area. WEC leaders teamed up with the Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County and Causewave Community Partners, a local nonprofit organization that creates awareness campaigns to address community-wide issues. Causewave Community Partners pulled in a volunteer marketing team from SIGMA Marketing Group, and the rest is history.

Being an H2O Hero

Holy Hydrology! In our world, he's Larry. In your world, H20 Hero can be your neighbor, your best friend — even YOU! Everyone has the power to be an H2O Hero, because everyone has the power to change the way things are done around the home that can directly affect our waterways. Larry is an H2O Hero. Now it's your turn. Find out how by clicking here.